Saturday, February 18, 2012

Palm Beaches Shores, FL SM 1019 to Fort Lauderdale, FL SM 1064

After a good night sleep, Oasis's crew were looking forward to their day trip to Fort Lauderdale. Oasis left Palm Beach Cannonsport Marina at 08:30 for the 45 mile trip south. The day was sunny with very calm waters for most of the day. Leaving Palm Beach Shores, Oasis sailed through some very nice places; West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach and also Fort Lauderdale. At those areas, there was a lot of wealth. Along the ocean, it's mostly resorts and condos while on the ICW, you see a lot of expensive residential property and many of them with a yacht parked in front of their mansion.  The further south Oasis approached, the bigger the boats were. The crew couldn't take their eyes off those mega yachts, they were so impressive.
Closer to Fort Lauderdale, the boat traffic was heavier on the ICW maybe because it was a Saturday and also a long weekend, but there were definitely more boats than previously seen in other areas and boaters were enjoying the nice weather. (In United States, President's Day is always celebrated on the third Monday of February, so this was a long weekend for the US citizens.) To add to the excitement of today's trip (if you could call it excitement), was all the bridges Oasis had to go through! All 20 of them and all being bascule bridges. Only 3 of them opened on request, the rest Oasis had to wait for the openings. Thanks to the Captain's and Luc's good timing, Oasis was right on time for some openings while at other times, she had to wait for the bridge to open. Even though, it was a long and hectic sailing day on the ICW, the crew were all in good spirits, and when the First Mate found it overwhelming with the heavy boat traffic and the bridges being close together, she left things to the Captain and Luc to deal with and retreated herself to play with Alexia and Yanik. Besides, she just loved having them onboard and fortunate to be spending time with them.
After seven and a half hour of navigating, Oasis was finally docked at the Fort Lauderdale Hall of Fame Marina at 16:00. Once docked, the crew went to the Fort Lauderdale Boardwalk to do some sightseeing and to the beach to let Alexia and Yanik play in the sand for a while. Afterwards, the crew were getting hungry, so they looked for a place to eat and ended up at Bubba Gump Restaurant for dinner and after everyone was done eating, they proceeded back to Oasis for a good night sleep! Another good day for the happy cruisers!

Oasis leaving the Cannonsport Marina in Palm Beach Shores.
Buccaneer Marina on Oasis's port side right after  the Cannonsport Marina.
Oasis cross this yacht on her way to  West Palm Beach.
Alexia and Papa having breakfast while Pepere is sailing Oasis.
This Sailboat had 5 set of spreaders. We wondered how long she must be?
Meduse, docked in Palm Beach is on the market for $34.5million. Look closely! She is carrying a large helicopter and she's 60.66 meters long.
The super yacht Big City docked in West palm Beach. She is 141 ft. long. Available for charters. Anyone interested? It will cost you $233.000 at the lowest weekly rate!
The Royal Park Bridge at SM 1022. at West Palm Beach.

Two Georges Restaurant right on the ICW just before the Ocean Avenue Bascule Bridge.
Ocean Avenue Bascule Bridge at SM 1035. The tower where the bridge operator is different looking.
Denise on Oasis's bow enjoying the scenery and soaking in the nice weather. This area being at Highland Beach.
Memere enjoying the moment with Yanik and playing around.
This property certainly catch our eye. The lense of the camera couldn't take a picture of the whole house. Real nice property, the nicest we have seen so far!
Yanik and Maman in good spirits!
Arriving in Boca Raton. There were a lot of boats anchored in the lake. Oasis had to wait about 15 to 20 minutes before Oasis could proceed through the Camino Real Bridge, south of Boca Raton.
Just before the Boca Raton Inlet, a sailboat anchored in the lake on Oasis starboard side.
Yanik was looking everywhere! There was so much to see.
Still in Boca Raton, just before going through the Camino Real Bridge.
The yacht right in the middle of the picture has an inflatable waterside/ play area on her port side. Now I'm sure Alexia and Yanik would love that!
Another of those mansion, this one just pass the Camino Real Bridge. This one has a spanish architecture. That house is huge.
Only one side of the Hillsboro Blvd.  Bridge was opening. The captain proceeded with caution. There was repairs being done on the bridge.
Another one of those super yacht! The 168' Gallant Lady. She's for sale at  $49.5 million. She's docked at her berth at Hillsboro beach.

Denise and Yanik enjoying the scenery. Yanik was holding on to his hat, it was breezy!
And then it was Memere's turn to hang out with Yanik. Alexia was awake and Maman had gone to see her.

Here Oasis was close to the Hillsboro Inlet at SM 1049. The boat traffic was heavy here. There was a bridge (Hillsboro Inlet Bridge) that opened for boats going to the ocean, and another bridge around the bend,(Hillsboro Blvd. Bridge) and Oasis had to wait for the opening. The boats were waiting for the opening of those two bridge and condensed the area.

Maman on the bow with the two young kids. I think Alexia was still sleeping.

The Riverside Grill Restaurant right on the ICW in Pompano Beach .
The Atlantic Blvd. Bridge at SM 1056  in Pompano Beach.
Oasis;s crew enjoying the scenery.
Another beautiful property in Terre Mar.
Jean Guy relaxing end enjoying the scenery.
This mansion is at NE 25 Ct. right on the ICW in Lauderdale Beach.
Nice Architecture of these two buildings adjacent to the 1A IN North Ocean Boulevard.
Sunsrise Blvd Bridge at SM 1062.6.
Oasis is getting closer to her day trip.
Yacht docked at the Sunrise Plaza in Ft Lauderdale.
Luc  at Oasis's wheel and paying attention on the boat traffic ahead. He did a great job!
Jean Guy and Luc navigating in Fort Lauderdale on the ICW. At this point, the first mate retreated inside Oasis and played with Alexia and Yanik.
Yanik waiving Hello at other boats.
And then Alexia wanted to see outside too.
The closer to Fort Lauderdale, the heavier the boat traffic. There were more than a dozen boats in front of Oasis without counting those on the side and in the back.
Las Olas Blvd. Bridge in Fort Lauderdale at SM 1064. This was the last bridge Oasis went through on her day trip. The captain docked Oasis at the Hall of Fame Marina at 16:00,  just pass the bridge on port side.

Oasis mast in the middle of the bridge.

Yanik playing with Memere and Alexia while the rest of the crew were docking Oasis.

Both kids were still laughing even after a long day sailing on Oasis. It was fun to have them onboard, they lifted everyones spirit!


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