Tuesday, August 30, 2011

City Island to New York

 On our way to the Big Apple!!! 

Early Birds letting mommy sleep in.
Peacefulness of being at a mooring!
Enjoying the moment.
The captain looking forward to his arrival to New York City.
Those yellow New York taxis are in sight even on the harbour.
Savouring the view of the Empire State Building and its surroundings.
The Captain and First Mate taking in the surreal experience of sailing through the NYC Harbour.

The famous Brooklyn Bridge is as impressive as expected.

One of many helicopters and coastguards in around the harbour.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Yanik's Birthday!

Yanik turned 2 years old today! We celebrated his birthday in City Island, NY.

Its official, Yanik Bourgeois is 2 years old.
Memere preparing the cake in the gas oven of the boat on our way from Norwalk to City Island.
Alexia tasting the M&M's. "Maman: I want to make sure they were ok to put on the cake".
Alexia and Maman prepared the frosting and the M&M's.
The cake was delicious.
As you can se from the almost empty plate, Yanik loved his cake.
He was really excited with his Thomas the Train gift also.
He's getting old, no longer a baby he is now officially a toddler.

Norwalk to City Island, NY

We weathered the storm without a problem. The boat yard and marina in Norwalk where we were staying received approximately 18" of water inside their facility from the storm surge flooding the offices and their shop. We got there this morning and the staff were very friendly and helpful in assisting us. The travelift launched Oasis this morning at 1000 and we were able to leave Norwalk shortly after.

The staff at Total Marine were very friendly and helpful, we highly recommend this marina.
Amazing properties along Long Island Sound.
Amazing boats also, here we see an Oyster.
New York City buildings in the distance.
Entering New York waters.
We are moored at Harlem Yacht Club (HYC). We se the city of New Rochelle and the Trump Plaza.
Yanik's birthday today, he turned 2 years old in New York!
Nice sunset with many lights (planes) in the sky.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Preparing for Hurricane Irene

Norwalk is projected to be in direct path with Hurricane Irene.
Captain Jean Guy decided to lift Oasis due to the anticipated storm surge.

Here we see Oasis stripped out of her bimini and dodger.
Captain Jean Guy supervising the workers preparing Oasis for the lift.
John, 84 years old is the owner of Total Marine and operator of the travellift.
Oasis out of the water.

Final resting position for Oasis to weather Hurricane Irene.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Haven to Norwalk, CT

Oasis only spent one night in New Haven and left early to make way towards Norwalk as there was not much to see or do around the New Haven marinas and yacht club.

We see the city in the distance from New Haven Harbour.
We stayed at Pequonnock Yacht Club.

The sail to Norwalk was again very nice with sun, minimal waves and no wind. We arrived very early in the afternoon and spent a few hours exploring the place before choosing a dock at Total Marine of Norwalk on the southern side of the Norwalk River.

The seas to Norwalk were very calm. We see a ferry in the distance.
The waters entering Norwalk from the east were shallow, only 8-10ft in most areas.
Very nice waterfront properties in Norwalk.
The yacht clubs are neatly organized and very well maintained.
Jean Guy and the kids at the visitors dock in the city of Norwalk.
We went for a long dinghy ride in the Harbour to scout out were we were going to secure the boat for the storm.

We will be weathering hurricane Irene here in Norwalk as there are many activities for the kids: aquarium, children's museum, parks and beach. We have reserved a hotel for Saturday and Sunday nights at a 15 minute drive in-land. The locals are mostly concerned with the storm surge rather than the winds, so we figured if we go in-land we should not be affected by the surge.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Noank, CT to New Haven, CT

Oasis could not have asked for better weather for the passage from Noank to New Haven; Nice sun, light winds and low waves. The 8 hour trip went very smooth, we motored all the way due to light winds.

North Dumpling Island, very nice property living off the grid with a wind turbine and solar panels.
Alexia played inside most of the trip with her toys.
All of the crew slept on the passage at one point or another. The motion of the waves makes the kids sleep like babies for a lack of a better word.
This one did not sleep as much, he had lots of energy! Talking to maman in the galley.
Driving the boat ..look papa: fishing boats, sailboats, buoys, light houses, etc...

New young crew for two weeks

Oasis will have an interesting two weeks with its new young crew. Luc's family drove up with their van and Louis and Raymond will drive back with the van to NB. We will let the weather guide our destinations until the next crew arrives with another vehicle somewhere in New Jersey.

The crew for the next two weeks from left to right: Luc, Yanik, Denise, Alexia, Jean Guy and Roselind.
Alexia's first fishing experience. She said: "daddy, i caught a fish because i had a lot of patience".
The fish wiggling in Alexia's hand, Yanik looking and dancing in excitement.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The last day for the crew

Oasis is swapping crew today in Noank, CT. Louis and Raymond will be driving back to New Brunswick, the week was pleasant with many hours of sailing. The skipper appreciates the company and assistance.

Entry to Noank, CT
Here you see Louis admiring the scenery.

Pivoting railroad bridge. Mystic is on the other side of the bridge.