Monday, September 26, 2011

Spa Creek, Annapolis MD

In the Annapolis Harbour, past the bascule bridge connecting Annapolis and the Republic of Eastport is the Spa Creek. All the moorings are the property of Annapolis City Harbour. Along the shore are private docks. You will also find anchorage in this creek. The creek is surrounded by well maintained properties and condominiums.
No precipitations on Sunday, but it was cloudy with almost no wind and very humid most of the day.
Sunday morning, Oasis had her water pump replaced, she had a pinhole leak and the captain wanted the engine in her best condition for the journey. Early afternoon, after we picked up T-Ben (the dinghy) that was being fix for a water leak, Oasis went cruising in the harbour.
Over the weekend, the Captain scrubbed Oasis and on Monday refinished the outside teak. Now, she's all cleaned up for the next journey.
The bascule bridge connecting Annapolis to Eastport.
A canadian sailboat, actually from Quebec, a family of 5; a young couple with 3 kids, one age 4 and twins age 5, going to the Caribbean.

Beautiful home right on the creek.
Some even have garage right on the water.
Naturally, these owners can see  all the water activity in front of their property, right from the inside of their home.
Common sight in this area, private docks in front of the house.
Sailboats anchored close to the end of the creek.
This sailboat is Oasis's cousin, another Beneteau 423.
Sailboats at mooring along the creek.

Another nice property at Spa Creek.
Oasis going through the bascule bridge.
The water taxies are a way of transportation on the water from Annapolis City Harbour to Spa Creek and also to the Back Creek. Fees are from $2.00 to $3.00 depending of the location.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Back Creek, Annapolis, MD

Up the Annapolis Harbour, the Spa Creek Bridge connects Annapolis and Eastport; and the Back Creek is on the port side of Eastport. It's home of the majority of marine businesses and boatyards. There is also fine dining restaurants and 14 historic site in the neighbourhood and this is where the Annapolis Maritime Museum is located.
During the week, the weather hasn't been much, cloudy, humid, drizzle and rain pouring down all day Friday and it looks like it's going to stay that way until the middle of next week.

Coming in at the mouth of the Back Creek, a fleet of small sailboats at mooring.
Along side of the creek are marinas and boatyards.
Farther down the creek, are homes right on the water.
Port Annapolis Marina located on port side, halfway up the creek .
Berth Babin's Yacht Yard.
Captain Jean Guy exploring the surroundings in the dinghy.
This is almost at the far end of the creek. It's very quiet and peaceful here.
Some sailboat are more fun to look at than the up keeping.
These are some of  the condominiums along the Back Creek.
Nice catamarans. We have seen quite a few in the Annapolis area.
Sailboats are line up in every direction.
This area is almost at the end of the Back Creek.
Oasis docked at a marina. With all it's peacefulness, we can  even hear the birds.

Right at the end of the creek, another little quiet spot.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Severn River, MD

On starboard side coming into Annapolis Harbour lies the Scenic Severn River. On the port side at the mouth of the river is the US Naval Academy Campus. This river runs 14 miles between the Magothy River and the South River. 
In the afternoon, while the sun tried to peek through the clouds and activities calm down in the harbour, Oasis journeyed up the Beautiful Severn River.                              

The US Naval Academy Campus.
Severn River Bridge also known as Pearl Harbour Memorial Bridge.
Gorgeous properties along the river.
Beautiful home and landscape.
A house on top of a cliff with a long way down to the dock.
Beautiful modern house.
Seems like every house has a boat docked in front of their property.
Climbing up this set of stairs would keep you in good shape.
Another beautiful landscape by the river.
Sailing down the river, there were nice little protected coves.
Sailboat moored at Hopkins Creek Cove.
A touring sailboat from Annapolis Harbour sailing along the way.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Annapolis, MD

Annapolis is Maryland's Capital and home of the U S Naval Academy. It's also the self proclaimed sailing capital of the nation. Sailboats, powerboats, kayaks are a common sight here. You never get bore in this little harbour.
On Friday, Sept 16, Jacques and Annie went home. We really enjoyed their company, always in good spirits, had lots of laughs and good time together.
Even though skies were cloudy and the weather cool down a bit, on the weekend, it didn't stop us from visiting. We stroll down the streets and tiny alleyways to see the 18th century homes and buildings, browse in little shops, ate ice cream and stock up on wine.
In the evenings, we had dinner in fine restaurants, walk around the boardwalk and enjoyed the scenery.

Down Main Street looking up Church Circle.
Looking down Main Street from the Church Circle.
The State House which was finished building in 1779 is the oldest in continuous use in the country. It's dome is under restoration.
Looking towards the harbour from the City Dock where you can tie up your dinghy.
Looking from the harbour on Port Side of the City Dock.
Celebration, an Oyster Sailboat cruising in front of Oasis in the harbour.
Nice powerboats (38' Formula) moored beside us in the harbour.
Touring the harbour in sea kayaks was seen quite often.
Stand-up paddle boarding is as close as to walking on water.
Though summer season is over, we could see an abundance of hibiscus in flower pots and hedges along the streets.
White Daisies were still in bloom in flower gardens.
Yes, there were ducks in Annapolis too! But we quickly learn that if we feed the ducks where the dinghy is docked, they take over your territory and make a mess. The captain did not appreciate cleaning the dinghy afterwards.