Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fernandina Beach, FL SM 717 to St Augustine, FL SM 778

It was 07:30, it was time to leave. The tides and wind were pushing Oasis against the dock. There was also a boat docked on Oasis bow and another one docked behind her too, so there was not much room to play around with, but the captain figured out a way to maneuver Oasis to get her going. On the first 10 SM on the ICW, there were shallow waters, the depth sounder was showing only 5 to 7 feet of water. The captain was worried, the charts showed that there should have been enough water. With 60 SM to go and shallow waters, the captain and first mate knew that it was going to be a long day. The tides were a bit low and they both knew it could only get better. Then, they counted their blessings, they hadn't had too much trouble so far and they could only make the best of it. Eventually, the water was deeper and the current was helping Oasis speed up, and that helped the crew's spirit. Oasis would catch up the time lost at the start of the day. After motoring farther, Oasis encountered her twin sister, Summertime anchored in the ICW, she too was going south, up to the Bahamas.
Today's journey on the ICW was more interesting, less marshes and more civilization. For long distance, there were houses on each side of the ICW and some weren't what we would call houses, they were mansions. In the afternoon, the sun was still shining and with the wind blowing northerly 12 knots, the captain decided to open Oasis jib and sailed for a good 30 minutes. Finally at 15:00, the captain docked Oasis at the Camachee Cove Yacht Harbour where she stayed for three nights and then went to the St Augustine Municipal Marina for another night. The couple visited the surroundings of St Augustine and really enjoyed this european-like charming place.

From Fernandina Beach to St Augustine, there were 9 bridges to go under, this one being the Twin Highway Bridges at SM 720.8.
Birds on a dune along the ICW.
View of condos along the coastline  located on Amelia Island, on Oasis port Side just before Nassau Sound.
View along the ICW.
Along the ICW, sand pile from when the canal was dredge.
A trailer park adjacent to the ICW.
Just pass the Sister Creek Bridge, there is a huge shipyard.
On the starboard side of the ICW, notice the ledge of sand.

Residential development on starboard side of the ICW.
Oasis under the McCormick Bridge at SM 747. 5. Beautiful structure!
The captain is very much at ease going under bridges.
Sitting on the pier, a guy playing guitar.
Beautiful residence along the ICW.
There were a long stretch of beautiful residence along the canal.

Unusual, a three story pier, very nice.
Nice little shack on port side along the ICW.

People sitting and relaxing by the water on a Sunday afternoon.
Entering Camachee Cove Yacht Harbour.

Kingfish Grill Restaurant at the Camachee Cove Yacht Harbour.

Oasis docked at the Camachee Cove Yacht Harbour. On Oasis's port side, a mega Yacht.

Visiting around St Augustine!

You can barely see Oasis in the front of the mega yacht at the Camache Cove Yacht Harbour Marina.
The captain had gone for a walk and this is the view of the Camachee Cove Yacht Harbour. You can barely see Oasis at her dock compare to the mega yacht in the middle of the picture.
Sailboat sunk. I think the anchor must have been too heavy!!!
Driving on the Vilano Beach Bridge.
Right side view of Vilano Beach, from top of bridge.

Welcome sign.
Road to the beach.

East view of Vilano Beach.
West view of the beach. Vehicles are allowed on the beach.
Flock of birds on the beach.

Two lions statue when entering the Bridge of Lions connecting St Augustine to Anastasia Island.
Driving on Bridge of Lions.
St Augustine Lighthouse and Museum located on Anastasia Island.
Nice house on Anastasia Island It's  pink colour  really stands out
View of St Augustine coming from Anastasia Island.
Bridge of Lions at SM 777.9 connecting St Augustine to Anastasia Island.
Entering St Augustine Municipal Marina.
The Pirate Ship Black Raven is a pirate show full of music and entertainment.
Oasis at her berth at the St Augustine Municipal Marina.

Roselind in front of the marina. Santa Maria Restaurant in the background.

Visiting St Augustine!

Sept 8, 1565 Pedro Menendez founded the town of St Augustine and also the Nombre de dios Mission.

A 208 feet stainless steel cross marks the site of when Pedro Menendez arrived at what was to be St Augustine and where this country's first mass was celebrated.
You can visit the city by horse-drawn Carriage A two and a half mile  tour that offers a unique way to see St Augustine.
Self explanatory.
The Cathedral Basilica of St Augustine is the oldest parish of a permanent European settlement on North American Continent.
Picture of inside the Cathedral.
Statue in front of the Cathedral.
Street in St Augustine.
Flagler College, named after Henry Morrison Flagler, who built the Hotel Ponce de Leon which now serves as a residence hall and centerpiece for the arts college.
Entrance of college and statue of Henry Flagler.
This type of fence surrounding the Flagler College.
Memorial Presbyterian Church.
Ancient City Baptist Church.
In the far distance, Castillo de San Marcos, a fortress built in 1672 and took 23 years to complete.
Canons of the fortress Castillo de San Marcos.
Aviles street, named after Pedro Menendez de Aviles; one of  King Phillip II commander.
Lightner's Museum, formerly Flagler's Alcazar Hotel, which was purchased by Otto C. Lightner, a Chicago publisher, to house his extensive European and American Art Collection.
Jean Guy taking a rest.