Monday, August 29, 2011

Norwalk to City Island, NY

We weathered the storm without a problem. The boat yard and marina in Norwalk where we were staying received approximately 18" of water inside their facility from the storm surge flooding the offices and their shop. We got there this morning and the staff were very friendly and helpful in assisting us. The travelift launched Oasis this morning at 1000 and we were able to leave Norwalk shortly after.

The staff at Total Marine were very friendly and helpful, we highly recommend this marina.
Amazing properties along Long Island Sound.
Amazing boats also, here we see an Oyster.
New York City buildings in the distance.
Entering New York waters.
We are moored at Harlem Yacht Club (HYC). We se the city of New Rochelle and the Trump Plaza.
Yanik's birthday today, he turned 2 years old in New York!
Nice sunset with many lights (planes) in the sky.

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  1. Nice to see that Irene did not have to much of an impact on the journey.

    Happy second birthday to the young vessel mate!