Monday, August 1, 2011

Picturesque Lunenburg, NS

It was another sail in the Nova Scotian fog, but the arrival in beautiful Lunenburg was worth it all.

The approach to Lunenburg Harbour under clearing blue skies.

Perhaps this neighbouring boat would  make the trip a little faster than Oasis?
Oasis at rest for a few days to take in the beautiful sights in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.


  1. Is this the place where Oasis and the Captain were first united?

  2. Tes chanceux de pouvoir vivre ton rêve. J'espère que tout va comme tu l'avais prévu. Sa semble être vraiment le fun et beau anyway. Passe un bon voyage, je vais suivre le trajet avec intérêt.

  3. Got it from the First Mate that Halifax is the place where the Captain first sailed Oasis.

    Nice to see your projected stops ahead of time. Plymouth, USA, is almost in site. WOW!

  4. Vous arrivez a une des plus grosse traverser du voyage. La traverser de la N-E vers le Maine. Bonne chance. J'ai hate de voir des photos.