Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Haven to Norwalk, CT

Oasis only spent one night in New Haven and left early to make way towards Norwalk as there was not much to see or do around the New Haven marinas and yacht club.

We see the city in the distance from New Haven Harbour.
We stayed at Pequonnock Yacht Club.

The sail to Norwalk was again very nice with sun, minimal waves and no wind. We arrived very early in the afternoon and spent a few hours exploring the place before choosing a dock at Total Marine of Norwalk on the southern side of the Norwalk River.

The seas to Norwalk were very calm. We see a ferry in the distance.
The waters entering Norwalk from the east were shallow, only 8-10ft in most areas.
Very nice waterfront properties in Norwalk.
The yacht clubs are neatly organized and very well maintained.
Jean Guy and the kids at the visitors dock in the city of Norwalk.
We went for a long dinghy ride in the Harbour to scout out were we were going to secure the boat for the storm.

We will be weathering hurricane Irene here in Norwalk as there are many activities for the kids: aquarium, children's museum, parks and beach. We have reserved a hotel for Saturday and Sunday nights at a 15 minute drive in-land. The locals are mostly concerned with the storm surge rather than the winds, so we figured if we go in-land we should not be affected by the surge.

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