Saturday, August 13, 2011

The long leg between Shelburne & Plymouth

Oasis left Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club at approximately 1545 on August 11 and arrived at the Plymouth Brewer Marina at 0930 on August 13. We could not have asked for better weather.

The first day and night was calm with 3 to 4ft seas. At night a very thick and dense fog all night long, we basically relied on the radar all night. Luckily the radar did not pick up anything so it was a peaceful night.

The second day was great! sunshine, light winds and the seas dropped to an average of 2ft with no fog. We saw whales, lots of birds (don't ask me what they were doing in the middle of the Gulf of Maine) and.. an amazing dolphin show (see video below).

The second night was calm with a shining moon on the water all night long. There was a bit of traffic as we were entering the US waters, the radar picked-up a few large fishing boats and made it for an entertaining night tracking targets (fishing boats) on the radar.

It was a great trip thanks to the crew, we ate full meals in the oven for breakfast, lunch and dinner almost every day. The passage would not have been so fun without the experience and help of the crew.

Loading the boat for the long trip. I think the waterline shrunk by one inch.
Oasis's fuel tank has a capacity of 53gallons (200litres), we had to get a few spare fuel containers to make sure we could make it to our destination.
Here's a photo of the crew before they depart for the long leg.
Raymond was a great help brining the boat from Port Hawkesbury to Shelburne. Due to a cold / flue he had to return home, he will be joining Oasis and her crew again in MA.
Here we see Donald Leger, enjoying the moment.
Not all of us were tough, here the skipper took a photo of Luc sleeping.. ..Luc would say he was just getting some rest for the night shift, funny he didn't make it to far into the first night.
Here we see one of the cooks, the whole crew was impressed by the fine cuisine we ate, I think the cooks even impressed themselves. We ate a nice chicken salad, clam chowder, pancakes, salted cod with vegetables and a nice egg & bacon breakfast.
Henry Bourgeois at the helm.
The ocean treated Oasis well. As you can see, the waters were really calm for an offshore passage.

All we could see around the boat for approximately 40 hours is the ocean and the sky. It gives an idea of how vast the ocean really is.

Surprise visit from Atlantic ocean dolphins. Jean Guy was in the boat looking at them from the port window in the hull. They were so close, It felt like they were going to jump over the boat.

It was quite exciting, when you haven't seen a thing (except the boat and crew) for over a day its funny how a dolphin how really is exciting.

Donald's cooking was impressive.

The crew enjoying dinner with a glass of wine in the middle of the Gulf of Maine.
Henry taking a photo of the camera man and the camera man taking a photo of Henry.
Breathtaking sunset and sunrises.
It was nice to have the moon shine on us as we could very well see things in the water and fishing boats from a distance.
Just before we got to Cape Cod we needed to re-fuel in the ocean so Oasis could make it to her destination.
First piece of land we saw since Nova Scotia.
The approach into Plymouth was exciting with narrow channels, fishing buoys and many power boats leaving the port to go fishing.
We went a ground for a few seconds, again very narrow channel, luckily as you can see, the bottom was sandy.
Plymouth, MA is a very nice boating town. This is the first of many other ports that Oasis will visit along the eastern seaboard of the United States.


  1. We are very happy that Oasis's first ocean passage was a pleasant and memorable one. Oasis was really blessed with great weather and (especially) a great crew, some sleepier than others!!! Alexia and Yanik loved the short daulphin clip, and more so when they recognized papa's voice. They now want to do an ocean passage of their own...
    Can't wait to see you all!
    Denise, Alexia and Yanik xox

  2. If I did not know better, I'd say the crew is made up of professionals. Nice work, although it looks like more fun and play then work.

  3. By the way, who took the picture of all four enjoying lunch? The delivery guy? lol

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  5. Had the pleasure of a Skype session with the Skipper last night. Even thou the connection was slow, got to see him and the new crew hard at work... getting ready for a meal.

    "Life is hard but someones got to do it!"