Friday, September 23, 2011

Back Creek, Annapolis, MD

Up the Annapolis Harbour, the Spa Creek Bridge connects Annapolis and Eastport; and the Back Creek is on the port side of Eastport. It's home of the majority of marine businesses and boatyards. There is also fine dining restaurants and 14 historic site in the neighbourhood and this is where the Annapolis Maritime Museum is located.
During the week, the weather hasn't been much, cloudy, humid, drizzle and rain pouring down all day Friday and it looks like it's going to stay that way until the middle of next week.

Coming in at the mouth of the Back Creek, a fleet of small sailboats at mooring.
Along side of the creek are marinas and boatyards.
Farther down the creek, are homes right on the water.
Port Annapolis Marina located on port side, halfway up the creek .
Berth Babin's Yacht Yard.
Captain Jean Guy exploring the surroundings in the dinghy.
This is almost at the far end of the creek. It's very quiet and peaceful here.
Some sailboat are more fun to look at than the up keeping.
These are some of  the condominiums along the Back Creek.
Nice catamarans. We have seen quite a few in the Annapolis area.
Sailboats are line up in every direction.
This area is almost at the end of the Back Creek.
Oasis docked at a marina. With all it's peacefulness, we can  even hear the birds.

Right at the end of the creek, another little quiet spot.

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