Sunday, September 18, 2011

Annapolis, MD

Annapolis is Maryland's Capital and home of the U S Naval Academy. It's also the self proclaimed sailing capital of the nation. Sailboats, powerboats, kayaks are a common sight here. You never get bore in this little harbour.
On Friday, Sept 16, Jacques and Annie went home. We really enjoyed their company, always in good spirits, had lots of laughs and good time together.
Even though skies were cloudy and the weather cool down a bit, on the weekend, it didn't stop us from visiting. We stroll down the streets and tiny alleyways to see the 18th century homes and buildings, browse in little shops, ate ice cream and stock up on wine.
In the evenings, we had dinner in fine restaurants, walk around the boardwalk and enjoyed the scenery.

Down Main Street looking up Church Circle.
Looking down Main Street from the Church Circle.
The State House which was finished building in 1779 is the oldest in continuous use in the country. It's dome is under restoration.
Looking towards the harbour from the City Dock where you can tie up your dinghy.
Looking from the harbour on Port Side of the City Dock.
Celebration, an Oyster Sailboat cruising in front of Oasis in the harbour.
Nice powerboats (38' Formula) moored beside us in the harbour.
Touring the harbour in sea kayaks was seen quite often.
Stand-up paddle boarding is as close as to walking on water.
Though summer season is over, we could see an abundance of hibiscus in flower pots and hedges along the streets.
White Daisies were still in bloom in flower gardens.
Yes, there were ducks in Annapolis too! But we quickly learn that if we feed the ducks where the dinghy is docked, they take over your territory and make a mess. The captain did not appreciate cleaning the dinghy afterwards.

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