Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cohansey River, NJ to Georgetown, MD

Oasis sailed from the Cohansey River, NJ up the Delaware Bay, through the C & D Canal, down the Chesapeake Bay, MD into the Sassafras River to Georgetown, MD.
Beautiful sunny skies and light north west wind made this voyage very comfortable.
The captain had planned this trip so that Oasis would sail with the current in the canal.

Nuclear Power Plant located along the Delaware Bay.
Jacques is on the lookout for debris in the bay.
Debris from Hurricane Irene and rain water coming down Delaware Bay.
Two of the six bridges crossing the C & D Canal.
Conrail Lift Bridge.
Chesapeake City Bridge.
Arriving at our destination.
Looking over Georgetown Harbour.
Oasis resting at her mooring.
The ducks enjoying cheerios at Oasis's stern. There were over thirty of them.
They even lined up to get more.
Another beautiful  sunset.

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