Thursday, September 1, 2011

New York City

Visiting New York!

Luc, Denise, Alexia and Yanik at the Statue of Liberty.
 Taking a stroll in a horse carriage at Central Park, NY.
All excitement with Alexia and Yanik waiting to go see a 4 D Movie of Dora in Central Park.
 Yanik and Pepere  taking a break at the Zoo.
Tall buildings, a familiar sight in New York City.
Strolling down in Time Square!
World Trade Center: The first tower being erected at Ground Zero. This picture shows construction being at level 54 out of 102 floors.
Foundations of the Second tower under construction.  
Sky view of New York City from level 102 of the Empire State Building.
 Billboards in Time Square.
The Captain and First Mate spending the evening in Time Square.
One of the busiest corner in Time Square, New York.

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