Monday, September 26, 2011

Spa Creek, Annapolis MD

In the Annapolis Harbour, past the bascule bridge connecting Annapolis and the Republic of Eastport is the Spa Creek. All the moorings are the property of Annapolis City Harbour. Along the shore are private docks. You will also find anchorage in this creek. The creek is surrounded by well maintained properties and condominiums.
No precipitations on Sunday, but it was cloudy with almost no wind and very humid most of the day.
Sunday morning, Oasis had her water pump replaced, she had a pinhole leak and the captain wanted the engine in her best condition for the journey. Early afternoon, after we picked up T-Ben (the dinghy) that was being fix for a water leak, Oasis went cruising in the harbour.
Over the weekend, the Captain scrubbed Oasis and on Monday refinished the outside teak. Now, she's all cleaned up for the next journey.
The bascule bridge connecting Annapolis to Eastport.
A canadian sailboat, actually from Quebec, a family of 5; a young couple with 3 kids, one age 4 and twins age 5, going to the Caribbean.

Beautiful home right on the creek.
Some even have garage right on the water.
Naturally, these owners can see  all the water activity in front of their property, right from the inside of their home.
Common sight in this area, private docks in front of the house.
Sailboats anchored close to the end of the creek.
This sailboat is Oasis's cousin, another Beneteau 423.
Sailboats at mooring along the creek.

Another nice property at Spa Creek.
Oasis going through the bascule bridge.
The water taxies are a way of transportation on the water from Annapolis City Harbour to Spa Creek and also to the Back Creek. Fees are from $2.00 to $3.00 depending of the location.

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