Sunday, October 9, 2011

Last weekend for Oasis in Annapolis.

After a short visit to NB, Canada, the Captain returned to Annapolis to continue his voyage. Relatives of the captain came for the weekend to enjoy the festivities of the 42nd year of the famous Annapolis Boat Show that took place from October 6-10, 2011. On Friday afternoon, they went sailing and enjoyed the scenery and  activities of Annapolis. Lots of traffic and boats anchored in the harbor during this weekend event. It is mostly around this time of the year, after the boat show, that sailboats leave for their journey south.
For the third time traveling on Oasis's Journey, Raymond, the skipper's brother is accompanying Jean Guy while Roselind stayed at home with her family.

Relatives of the Captain, from left to right; Jean Guy, Jacques; nephew, Raymond; brother in law, Raymond; brother and Mathieu; son of the captain at Berth Jabins Yacht Marina, Back Creek.
Mathieu at the wheel while others enjoying the scenery.
Mathieu and Raymond Vautour having a nice conversation.
Raymond Vautour at Pusser's Waterfront Restaurant & Dockbar, admiring the activities of the boat show across the Pusser's Landing.

A view of staggering sailboats at the Annapolis Boat Show.
The bascule bridge connecting Annapolis to Eastport when open.
A view from the bascule bridge overlooking starboard side at Spa Creek.

A catamaran cruising, before going through the bascule bridge.
There were lots of traffic in the harbor.

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