Friday, October 21, 2011

Beaufort ,NC SM 203 to Wrighstville Beach, NC SM 283

Today's trip was a long one. Oasis left Beaufort at 07:00 sharp. With a beautiful sunrise on the horizon and just 5 knots of WSW wind, we motored all the way with the help of the mainsail in the morning and the jib in the afternoon. Due to the wind direction, we could not use both sails at the same time. The thermometer reached 20 degrees Celsius and today was another perfect day.
Oasis arrived at Wrightsville, NC SM 283 at 18:00. Upon arrival, we couldn't reach any marinas, so when the coastguards notice that we were going in circles, they came to greet us and directed us to a marina. Their help was much appreciated. They also came on board to do an inspection and to make sure the captain had all Oasis's legal documents. Everything was OK.

Leaving Beaufort, a beautiful sunrise is as pretty to look at as a sunset.
The Morehead City Bridge. Radio Island behind the bridge.
We met a Tug Boat in the Canal.
Properties along the canal. Notice the water, it was calm like that most of the day.
We followed this catamaran all day in the canal. Nationality: USA named Mystic.
There was a dredge in the canal where there was shoaling in an inlet. We had to be careful because the passage was reduce to almost nothing.
Fisherman wharf and boatyard.
When navigating in the canal, there are buildings like these  along the ocean waterfront. This was taken at New River Inlet at SM 245 approximately at mid point from Beaufort and Wrightsville.
House along the way. Notice the palm trees, we see them occasionally now, we are getting closer to the nice  hot weather.
Oasis sailing in the ICW.
There was a lot of navigation to do. Thanks to Raymond's help, it made the captain's job much easier.
Oasis after going through Wrightsville Beach Bridge.
Just after coming through the bridge, there are marinas on both sides of the canal. This is Wrightsville Beach Marina, the second one after the bridge on Oasis port side. Nice powerboats.

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