Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Solomons Island, MD to Deltaville, VA

For the first time in a long time, Oasis felt like herself again! With 18 to 24 knots of ESE winds, the crew put the sails up and kept them up for the whole day's trip. They left around 07:45 in the morning , still cloudy all day but nonetheless, the captain was trilled to be really sailing again. Oasis maid 7.5 knots for a steady two and a half hour and the captain was very happy with her performance, it was fun. In the later part of the afternoon, they finally arrived in Deltaville, in the state of Virginia. When the captain ventured in Jackson Creek, looking for a place to anchor, he went too far in the creek and got stuck in the mud. With 15 knots of wind pushing against Oasis's hull  and after one hour wait, the Sea Tow's Boat finally arrived and pulled Oasis out of the mud hole. After all the excitement of the day, Oasis was finally anchored for the night, in a well protected cove in Jackson Creek for the crew to rest.

Oasis at sea with only her sails up.There were waves washing over her and a lot of spraying too.
We met with the same Fisher Boat that was anchored in Back Creek in Solomons Island.
Getting into Deltaville Harbour was a little tricky, there were little buoys  at  approximately 50 yards from  the  sandy shore.
Docking places along the way.
Houses with their own private dock.
Deltaville Marina and Deltaville Marina Boatyard.

Dettaville Town Dock.
Boats docked at the Deltaville Marina.
The captain never get bore looking at nice boats.
Fuel Dock where Oasis fill up.

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