Thursday, October 13, 2011

Deltaville, VA to Norfolk, VA

Oasis continues her journey in the state of Virginia. Today, she left Deltaville at 08:00, sunny skies in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon with a few thunder showers and a few bang! Wind was 15 to 20 knots south on the bow.  After motoring all day with the help of the mainsail, we finally arrived in Norfolk at 16:00.  It was a bit eerie seeing battleships and air craft carriers.When you see this much navy ships, you know your in Norfolk. In the 1801s, the first Continental Yard was built here and today  Naval Station Norfolk, stands as the largest naval base of the world. The communities of Norfolk and Portsmouth are divided by the Elizabeth River. This river is a gateway to points to the south for the Atlantic Intracoastal  Waterway, an island path from the ocean providing a more sheltered navigable waterway to Florida.  Portsmouth has been a favorite stop for long-distance, transient cruisers. This city is the location of "Mile Marker 0" and Ft Lauderdale is around Mile Marker 1050, so Oasis has 1050 statute miles to go before her final destination in Florida.

There were other sailboats heading to
Norfolk Harbor.

We came upon a barge in the harbor.

We keep encountering this Fisher Sailboat. We assumed he was also heading south.

Sailing in front of naval ships.

These ships are humongous!
An aircraft carrier, you can just imagine the size of this one too. Can you see the helicopter on it?
Other naval ships.

Battleships docked at their station.

And more!

And another one!

A container ship either being emptied or filled?
These black clouds brought us pouring rain and thunder. This was shortly before docking at the Tidewater Yacht Marina in Portsmouth.

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