Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oriental, NC SM 182 to Beaufort, NC SM 203

Mother Nature called for nothing but blue skies and light westerly winds (10 knots) for today. At 08:00, the captain lifted Oasis's anchor and left  Oriental for another short day trip . They motored all the way with the help of the jib. From Oriental, Oasis navigated south, went through Adams Creek Canal (about 8 miles long), proceeded through creeks and channels before making her final destination at Beaufort SM 203. In 1996, Blackbeard Pirate's flagship (Queen Ann's Revenge) was discovered in 22 feet of water in the silted inlet just off Beaufort and now Beaufort became a magnet for visitors interested in the life and legacy of America's most notorious maritime thief. Now pirate history lurks everywhere you turn in Beaufort with tours and activities relating to ghosts and pirate lore.

There is a sailboat aground in a section of the canal.
Now it's a powerboat that is aground in the same canal. There must have been quite a storm to move those boats there.
Properties along the way.
Another house along the way.
Adams Creek Canal Bridge (Route101),  the fishing boat had to lower his double masts to go underneath the bridge.
Arriving in Beaufort, looking east at the Morehead City Bridge (U.S.Route).
A sunken boat in Beaufort Harbor.
Arriving in Beaufort, Oasis went through the Beaufort & Morehead Bascule Bridge.
View looking west at Taylor Creek.
Oasis at Beaufort Docks.

There was bad weather coming for Wednesday, heavy rain and wind blowing up to 35 miles an hour, so the captain decided that it was best to stay put and vigilant. They secured Oasis and spend 3 nights docked at this facility. The sun  was out again on Thursday but was much cooler than usual and  later in the afternoon, the wind finally diminished. So Jean Guy and Raymond went for a walk to do some sightseeing and took the following pictures.

First Citizens Bank on Front Street in Beaufort.
North Carolina Maritime Museum.  Here you can view artifacts recovered from the Blackbeard's Queen Ann Revenge.
Historic House on Front Street, very well kept, these house are from the late 1700, early 1800.
Front entrance of a Historic House.
Beautiful flower garden between two houses.
Watercraft Center Museum, this building is devoted to boat carpentry with restorations projects underway in various stages of completion.

One of the four churches that forms part of the Old Burying Ground.
Carteret County Clerk-Court at Court House Square in Beaufort.
City Hall  roof details.
Another of the four Churches that forms part of The Old Burying Ground in Beaufort.
Close up: Church that forms part of The Old Burying Ground

For more information: search Old Burial Ground Churches in Beaufort, NC.

Old Burying Ground from 1731.
Old Burying Ground where a little girl was allegedly buried in a rum keg.
The other side of the tombstone.
Another part of The Old Burying Ground.

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