Sunday, October 16, 2011

Little Alligator River, NC SM 82 to Gale Creek, NC SM 160

Oasis left the anchorage at Little Alligator River at 06:30. It was another beautiful morning with a spectacular sunrise and  not a cloud in the sky. The wind was about 10 to 15 knots. A little further south  from the mouth of the river, Oasis went through a Swing Bridge, then followed the river down, went through the 21 mile long Pongo River Canal up to Belhaven and then followed the ICW across the Palmico River where she proceeded to Goose Creek. From here, she entered a ditch and continued her journey until she dropped anchor at Gale Creek at SM 160 at 16:45.

Beautiful sunrise. There's a bird standing on the post marker.
The Aligator River Highway Swing Bridge.
The entrance to the Pongo River Canal.
Deadheads and debris on the side of the  canal.
This canal runs for 21 miles in a straight line.
We went by another sailing vessel  motoring in the canal.
Can you see the 3 birds in the tree?
We also cross the Fairfield Bridge in the canal.
The ICW, you can see far away in a straight line.
More debris along the ICW .
A loading and unloading station in Hobucken.
Sunset while anchored in Gale Creek.

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  1. Nice sunrise and sunset, looks relaxing, wish I could have been there.