Sunday, February 26, 2012

Car trip to Marathon to confirm second thought!

On this Sunday, February 26, Jean Guy and Roselind went for a car drive down south to Marathon. They left around 10:00 and drove on South Ocean Drive 1A . The weather was forecasting cloudy all day with thundershowers and they had both but with moderation. They drove south through Miami Beach and also went to Key Biscayne to do some sightseeing. Further south, they drove through Key Largo, Plantation Key, Long Key, just to name a few keys and stopped their journey at Marathon, in the middle of the Florida Keys. They visited mostly marinas on their way down. It had been quite some time since the couple had visited the keys and a lot had changed. There were much more developments and trees had grown so much that they could not see the ocean to their desire. But when they drove by the sea, they loved seeing the different colour of  the water, sometimes it had a shade of light green up to a turquoise colour. Their last stop south was at the Marathon City Marina, they then, headed back to Oasis in Hollywood. They finally arrived at the Loggerhead Marina at 21:30, an eleven hour trip. The captain had thought about sailing Oasis down to Marathon but after the day trip, the final decision was made; Oasis will stay docked at the Loggerhead Club & Marina for the rest of winter. Besides, the couple really likes it there!

Driving down in the Miami area, nice buildings.
The weather was calling for heavy clouds and thunderstorm. It rained heavily and it made driving difficult with the torrential rain.
Bayshore Landing Marina at Coconut Grove, Miami Florida.
This marina has 150 slips and also moorings in the bay.

The marina has three piers and was very secured.
Adjacent to the marina is Monty's Raw Bar where Jean Guy and Roselind stopped for lunch.
This is how it was decorated at the restaurant. The food was nothing to write home about and the fountain pop tasted like chlorine. Not a recommended place for good food.
Jean Guy posing with the pirate statue.
Mangrove tree with it's roots exposed. The tree grows in saline water.
View of the mooring field from Kenneth M.Myers Bayside Park.
Anchoring area. As you can see the tides were low and  a sailboat was aground.
The mooring field in Coconut Grove.
On our way further south, we could see dark clouds on the horizon but it did not rain. The concrete traffic barriers or known as Jersey barrier were painted a turquoise colour which made the colour of the water more accentuated.
Water view at the Anchorage Resort & Yacht Club in Key Largo.
Nice view of the water on the Long Key Viaduct of the Overseas Highway.
On the right hand side approaching Conch Key.

Boats at anchor in Marathon.
View of the mooring field from the Marathon City Marina.

Boats moored in Boot Key Harbor.
View of the water on the way back.
Jean Guy and Roselind stopped at this beach to stretch their legs.
It was a beach with shallow clear water.
This memorial plaque of Anne's beach.
The couple took a walk on the boardwalk.
Jean Guy climbing the tree.
The water here was trouble at this area.
Indian Key State Historic Park. Nice turquoise colour of the water.
Bud n Mary's Marina on Islamorada.
The couple maid a stop at this gift shop. They had very nice nautical decoration  but the couple did not buy anything.

Sunset while driving back to Oasis.

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