Sunday, February 5, 2012

Daytona Beach FL SM 830 to Titusville FL SM 880

The day started with early morning fog on the horizon and the weather meter was at 15 degrees C. The captain and wife left Daytona Beach at 07:40 for Titusville. Today was cloudy most of the day and the weather forecast was calling for rain but no precipitation and by late afternoon, the temperature climb up to 26 degrees C. It was hot and humid but the couple didn't complained, they only had to think of home where the weather was very cold to remind themselves it was nice being in the warm weather.
Oasis went under less bridges today, only six. One of them opened every 20 minutes and Oasis made it right on time, she did not have to wait for the opening. The day went by with barely no wind and calm waters most of the day. At 14:00, the captain docked Oasis at the Titusville Municipal Marina which will be Oasis's and the couple's home base for about 10 days. Jean Guy and Roselind are having visitors from NB, Canada. Their son, Luc and wife Denise with their two lovely children, Alexia and Yanik are coming for a visit. The captain and first mate will be going to Orlando to greet the young family and spend time with them in Orlando for a couple of days, and then, the new crew will be joining the captain and first mate on Oasis for their journey further south.

Oasis left Daytona Beach in early morning fog but she dissipated in no time.
Very well marked channel getting to the marina, the channel is not very wide as you can see.
Boats anchored.
Ocean Golf Club along the ICW at South Daytona.
Flock of birds nesting in shrubs.
Another canadian sailing vessel going south.
Coronaro Beach Bridge at SM 845 located at New Smyrna Beach.
Condos at Marina Bay Drive at New Smyrna Beach.
Just past the condos, there were these new sport fishing boats lined up at the dock.
People camping and fishing in the wild along the ICW.
Trailer park on port side on the ICW.
On starboard side of the Musquito Lagoon, Oasis went through the Haulover Canal, a narrow canal where lots of fishing was going on.
Waiting to catch a fish.
The water in the canal was an olive green colour.
This type of fishing looked very relaxing. The only thing missing was the beer.
Haulover Canal Bridge located at SM 870.

There are shallow waters not so far from the dredge canal.
When the canal was dredge, the spoil ground made little islands along the canal.
This is another little secluded island, nice spot to relax.

This area was a large body of water and it was calm everywhere you looked.

Nasa Railroad Bridge at SM 870. This bridge is normally opened unless a train needs to go by.

The mechanism that opens the bridge.
Anchoring area just before arriving at the marina.
Entrance to the Titusville Municipal Marina where Oasis was docked.

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