Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jensen Beach, FL SM 981 to Palm Beach Shores, FL SM 1019

This was the third day on the ICW for the new crew and today, Oasis's journey was done in two trips. Since it was going to be a short journey to Palm Beach Shores, the captain and son Luc decided that they were going to make it a fun day for the whole crew! They left Jensen Beach at 08:30 with clouds in the skies and calm waters. After motoring about 10 miles, Oasis anchored in Peck Lake, right on the ICW for an adventure morning at the Hobe National Wildlife Refuge. After spending an hour or so at the beach, the whole crew headed back on Oasis for the rest of the day's trip. Today was one of the best fun day for the crew. At 14:00, the captain docked Oasis at the Cannonsport Marina in Palm Beach Shores. Afterwards, they all went sightseeing and walked to the beach to let Alexia and Yanik put their tiny toes in the sand. The crew ended their evening at the Two Drunken Goats for dinner which was delicious! After dinner, they headed back on Oasis to put the two little ones to bed for the night. Oasis stayed at Palm Beach Shores for another night. At this marina, we could use the condo facilities which included a heated pool and a hot tub. So the next day was spend by the pool and the young and old loved it. Alexia and Yanik didn't want to get out of the water, they loved it so much that we all went back at night pass the kids's bedtime. It was nice to have a break from sailing and everyone were satisfied of their stay at Palm Beach Shores.

Waking up to calm waters while at anchor at Jensen Beach.
Looking on Oasis's port side while sailing in Joes Cove past Jensen Beach Park. Beyond the building is the Atlantic ocean.  Beautiful reflection of colour in the clouds.
Sun rays peeking through the clouds.
Before anchoring in Peck Lake, Oasis passed by these two kayaks rowing near the ICW.
The captain with the two little ones in T-Ben. Of course, they loved being by themselves with Pepere.
Yanik holding on to his hat and Alexia waving bye!
Yanik was looking forward to go exploring and also to the beach.

Alexia waiting for Maman and Papa.
Pepere and Yanik on the path to the beach and Yanik checking to see if the rest of the crew were coming!

Jean Guy enjoyed looking at the turquoise water while soaking his feet in the Atlantic Ocean.
Maman and the two young kids were looking for seashells at the beach. Alexia found a nice little collection!
The young family posing. Looks like Luc was the only one ready for the family picture!
Yanik and Papa playing in the sand.
The wave action was digging the sand under Yanik's  little feet and he found it amusing.
Alexia too wanted to play with her feet in the waves!
The little ones saw Pepere and Memere coming back from their long walk on the beach and went to greet them.
Now can you tell who's feet these are?
Feb 16, 2012 at Hobe Sound Beach while Oasis anchored in Peck Lake
Seagull on the beach by the waves.
Pepere went for another walk on the north side of the beach and Yanik ran after him, he wanted to go with Pepere .
Denise putting her feet in the water. The water temperature was about the same as in Shediac Bay during summer.
Yanik and Pepere coming back from the beach and heading to T-Ben.
The whole crew getting ready to head out to Oasis.
The two grandkids sitting with Memere in T-Ben on their way back to Oasis.
Oasis anchored in Peck Lake Florida.

After all that running around at the beach, it didn't take long for the whole family to fall asleep for their afternoon siesta.
Nice Property. Every time Oasis pass by these enormous homes, the captain and first mate always wonder, how many people are living in those huge houses?
Now here, the powerboat was bigger than the house. At the boat stern upper deck on port side was a waterslide, a kids playground and two Sea Doos. Now, can you imagine the size of this boat?
This property was on a corner lot and the house was as long on the ICW waterfront as on the the other side.
No this is not a painting, it's Denise sitting in Oasis's cockpit at Jupiter while sailing in the ICW.
The water in Jupiter is a beautiful turquoise colour and the most beautiful  the crew had seen yet. The stand up paddle board sport was quite popular here.
Jupiter lighthouse.
Crossing Jupiter's Federal Bridge at SM 1005. Today Oasis crossed 10 bridges, this one being the 5th one. There was a bit of traffic at this area due to three bascule bridges located close from one to another.
Indiantown Roadbridge, the 6th bridge located at SM 1006. This bascule bridge only opened on the hour and half hour, so Oasis had to wait a bit to cross it.
Luc and Denise on Oasis's deck enjoying the scenery while the two kids are still sleeping.
Captain Jean Guy at the wheel and doing a good job with sailing Oasis through all those bridges!
The traffic was backed up due to the opening of the bridge only on the hour and half hour.
Donald Ross Road Bridges at SM 1009. From SM 1004 to SM 1009, Oasis went through four bascule bridges, Thanks to the captain and his good alertness, everything went smooth! Good Job Captain Jean Guy!
Yanik in good spirits, after his afternoon nap. He was playfull with his Papa.
After Alexia's nap, she kept busy playing games on Pepere's I Pad.
Pepere and Memere walking with Alexia in neighbouring Palm Beach Shores. They were heading to the beach, a short walk from the Cannonsport Marina.
Palm Beach Shores is actually a friendly little town. The crew decided to stay at this place an extra day!

Friday, February 17, 2012, the crew spend the day relaxing by the pool.

Yanik and Memere enjoying the nice heated water of the pool.
Alexia loved jumping in the water, she wasn't scared of going under water. She really had fun!
Papa came to the pool too! He had some work to do even though he was on vacation and Yanik enjoyed playing with his dad in the pool.
Jean Guy & Roselind took a break from the grandkids. They were getting things ready for lunch.
Jean Guy was in charge of cooking on the BBQ.
Yanik waiting for his lunch, hurry up Pepere!
Alexia was looking for the cat that was hanging around the pool. As for Yanik, he was scared of that cat!
Luc working in Oasis's dining room sittee. Alexia was around and helping Papa do some work. She called Maman on the Walkie Talkie to let her know that she was working too!
While waiting for dinner to be ready, Pepere and Yanik were waiving hello to the boats going by. Yanik was looking for the next boat coming.
Alexia still with her beach wrap on, she was ready to go to the pool again.
The whole crew went back to the swimming pool at night. With the water being around 25 degrees C, no wonder everyone loved being in the water.
Alexia didn't want to get out, she loved playing in the water so much!
Yanik too liked the nice warm water! The only thing he didn't like about the day was the cat that kept roaming around the pool...
but Alexia sure liked the cat, she kept following him everywhere he was going and she would have gotten him in the pool if she could have.

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