Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Melbourne, FL SM 919 to Jensen Beach, FL SM 981

Oasis had two human alarm clock on board. The captain did not have to worry about leaving late the next morning, Alexia and Yanik were up very early and full of energy. Today, Oasis was on the go by 07:30 with clear skies, bright sunshine and very calm waters. By afternoon, the wind was again southerly at 12 knots with a nice 25 degrees C and the crew really enjoyed the nice weather. On our way today, Oasis had a mishap. A 1/4 inch brass fitting broke from the engine and the oil sprayed out. Luckily, the captain noticed that Oasis's engine sounded different and shut-off the engine.
Oasis was towed by Sea Tow to Fort Pierce Harbortown Marina and Boatyard. A mechanic from Whiticar Marine Services North fixed the problem and three hours later, she was running like new again. She motored until darkness and at 19:15, the captain set Oasis's anchor at Jensen Beach for the night.  

Early in the morning, the water was very calm. Notice the reflection of the catamaran in the water.
Yanik playing inside the boat with his stuff animals. The dining room sittee was transform into a bed where the two youngest crew member played during the day and slept at night.
Houses with beautiful landscapes along the ICW.
Nice rounded roof entrance of this house.
Luc was taking turn with the captain driving Oasis.
Maman, Alexia and Yanik taking their afternoon nap.
Alexia's cuddling with her plush toys. I think she was still half asleep.
There is actually a boat named like the first mate, except it's spell differently.
There were only five bridges to go through during today's trip. This one, the Vero Beach/ S.R. 60 at SM 951.7.
On Oasis's starboard side, past the Vero Beach Bridge. The building with the blue roof on the left is a restaurant named Jack Baker's Lobster Shanty.
Luc loved driving Oasis, actually he was maneuvering her, the engine was shut-off due to a broken fitting.
Sea Tow preparing to pull Oasis. The boat was located between Vero Beach and Fort Pierce.
Oasis being pulled by the Sea Tow Boat within 20 minutes of calling for assistance, a quick response. They were actually located in Fort Pierce.
That little brass nut in the middle of the picture is the piece that broke. It's the second time Oasis's engine is having trouble with this brass fitting. It was replaced by a stainless steel one hoping it will not give anymore trouble.
Going through the Fort Pierce North Bridge at SM 964.8 when being towed.
Getting into Fort Pierce Harbortown Marina to have Oasis's engine repaired. The captain had contacted the mechanic to come fix the problem.
Luc putting the fenders and getting Oasis ready for docking.
Entrance to the marina. Oasis was docked along the main finger. When arriving at the dock, she hit the dock's pilling a bit hard. It's not easy to stop the boat's momentum with no engine running and no reverse.
Thanks for the Sea Tow Insurance the captain took because without it, it would have cost him a hefty $ 375.00 in US funds.
While Oasis's engine was being repaired, Alexia was playing on Memere's I Pad. We did not hear a peep from her during the pit stop, it kept her busy all the time. At times, she knew how to play some of those kids games better than Memere.
And Yanik, him, was playing on Pepere's I Pad. He just loved doing some puzzle. He was pushing the + button and it would put the pieces at their place instantly instead of doing the puzzle himself.  "Smart kid!"  We wondered who showed him that?

Sunset while Oasis was on the move. The captain anchored Oasis when it was already dark outside.

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