Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fort Lauderdale, FL SM 1064 to Hollywood, FL SM 1073

The young crew's final sailing trip on Oasis during their vacation in Florida! By 08:30 Sunday morning, Oasis was on the go on the ICW. Light wind and cloudy in the morning and by mid morning, most of the clouds had already dissipated, it was going to be another gorgeous day! The captain sailed Oasis from Fort Lauderdale to Hollywood in two hours. The Captain and First Mate found Fort Lauderdale too noisy and too busy. It was nice for an overnight stay but they decided to bring Oasis a bit further south. Sailing on the ICW early in the morning and specially on a Sunday, the Captain knew that there would barely be any boat traffic, but not less boats! Further south of Fort Lauderdale, there were more mega yachts and bigger than the previous day. Oasis and the crew pass by the Fort Lauderdale Cruise Ship Terminal, there were six cruise ships docked at the terminal and Oasis sailed about 200 feet from one of them and the crew couldn't believe  the enormity of those boats. Further down, on the ICW, Oasis crossed a couple of boats but it was the Beneteau Sense 50  from Montreal that really catch the Captain's and Luc's eye. She was a real beauty! The captain and First mate had visited one in Annapolis, Maryland in late September. At no later than 10:30, Luc docked Oasis at the Loggerhead Club & Marina in Hollywood. The crew were greeted by the marina's attendant and everyone was very happy to have arrived and docked early.
Luc, Denise and the two kids took T-Ben, the dinghy, to explore the marina's surroundings while Jean Guy & Roselind went to register Oasis at the Club House. The couple were really impressed with the amenities of this marina. After lunch, the crew walked to the heated swimming pool and only returned late afternoon for preparation for Alexia's Birthday. The young family was leaving Florida for their journey back home on Tuesday and she was turning four on Wednesday, so Pepere and Memere wanted to celebrate her birthday on Oasis. After dinner, everyone was treated to some birthday cake and Alexia opened her gifts. Later at night, the two kids were put to bed and the little girl was very satisfied of her birthday party on Pepere's  and Memere's sailboat. The young parents and grandparents spend the rest of their evening under twinkling stars sipping wine and chatting!

Leaving the Hall of Fame Marina, the crew saw more mega yachts. This one docked before the bridge on Oasis's starboard side.
Looking pass beyond the bridge, cruise ship docked at the terminal.
The 17th Street Bridges at SM 1066. The vertical clearance under this bascule bridge was 55 feet and the captain waited for the opening a little while before the opening. Nice bridge!
The bridge when opened.
Another mega yacht on Oasis's port side pass the bridge.
The Bahamas Express is  a ferry that offers fast ferry service from Port Everglades (Florida) and Freeport (Grand Bahama).
The captain captivated by what he was seeing ahead.
Luc and Alexia too had their eyes fixed on what was to be seen.
Now, you see what they were all looking at.
On Oasis' port side, at the end of the Harbour Isles of Ft Lauderdale, and the Harbour Inlet.
Allure of the Seas, the newest ship of the Royal Caribbean's fleet. February 14, she cruised a 3 Night Bahamas Cruise and on February 24, she was leaving for a 7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise.
Another Cruise Ship, Celebrity's Solstice. She too sails to the Western Caribbean.
This yacht was under power. She was heading to the loading dock. The captain must have been driving her with the radar, she was shrink wrapped and ready to be put on the cargo container ship.
"Beneteau" Sense 50 from Montreal. Very nice sailboat!
Cargo ship being push against the dock by two Tugboats.
Cargo being loaded at the Port Everglades Terminal.
Notice there was an excavator being loaded on the ship.
Le Tub Saloon, Esquire named this restaurant Florida's best Char Grilled Burger Place.
On the ICW near Hollywood Beach.
The Hollywood Blvd. Bridge at SM 1072.
Hotels along the ICW in Hollywood.
At SM 1073, the entrance to Loggerhead Club & Marina.
House right on the last dock of the marina.
Oasis on her way to the finger where she will dock.

Luc docked Oasis at the Loggerhead Club & Marina at 10:30. The crew knew it was going to be a short trip and Oasis's final trip for the young family. Everyone was glad to have arrived. They had a full day planned ahead and lots to do.
After docking Oasis, the crew went exploring!

Alexia helping Memere mixing the cake's batter.
Yanik was already licking his lips, he knew it was going to be gooood!
Both kids were helping Memere, they had something waiting for them.
They loved this especially. Memere had saved some batter for them. And of course Maman did not know about this.
But then, the sugar taste kicked in, look at Alexia's and Yanik's eyes!
Alexia looked pretty with a pony tail, now hopefully she will keep it for a while, she usually takes the elastic off!
The young family went in T-Ben, the dinghy, to explore the surroundings.
Both kids just loved it in T-Ben!
Memere was staying onboard Oasis to bake the cake.
Papa driving T-Ben.
In the afternoon, the whole crew went to the swimming pool and Yanik had fallen asleep in the stroller on the way there. He slept over three hours that afternoon.
Papa and Alexia in the pool. Alexia only got out before the crew left, she liked it so much in the water!
Now she's with Pepere playing in the water.
She was not afraid of putting her face in the water either.
The family portrait in the pool.
And then Yanik learning to swim. He liked it too.
Jean Guy & Roselind  posing in front of the gate to the pool.
Alexia and Yanik playing with toys at the gym facility, it kept them busy for quite a while. there's was no toys like that on Oasis and it had been a while that they didn't played with real toys.
Walking back to the boat. There was still a lot of things to do. It was Alexia's Birthday Party on Pepere and Memere Sailboat.
Alexia frosting the birthday cake, she and Yanik had helped Memere mix the batter. Yanik kept saying he was in New York. He remembered where he had his 2nd birthday and now he thought Alexia too was celebrating her birthday in New York.
Now the decoration on top! All hearts done with Valentine's M & M.
They celebrated Alexia's fourth birthday on Oasis. The cockpit was decorated with balloons!
And the little girl was so happy, especially when she was about to hear the birthday song. "Happy Birthday Alexia"!!!
It's Pepere who lighted the candles of Alexia's birthday cake.
Yanik was happy too. He knew what he was getting for dessert.
The young family portrait on Alexia's birthday.
She just loved her gifts, a ladybug, since she's was very small, it was and still is her favorite insect.
And a seahorse to complement to her ocean collection of plush toys. Now, she had three to play with in her bed at night. Pepere & Memere had also bought her Dory from the movie "Finding Nemo" at Disney.

Yanik helping Alexia unwrap Papa's & Maman's gift.

Alexia loves reading books, and Yanik too, but he was sad because he couldn't see the pictures and had no place to sit.
Then Maman sat Yanik on her lap and he was happy now. Papa sat with Maman and everyone listened while Maman read the book. The two little one were so interested in the story. It was a book on the "The Princess and the Frog" with Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen like the one they had seen in the parade at Disney. At the end of the story, the two kids were put to bed and no one heard a peep, they felt asleep almost right away. Today was another fun day for Yanik and especially Alexia!

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