Monday, February 20, 2012

Last day in Florida for the young family!

The kids were up early and the parents wanted to spend their last day outdoor in the Florida's sun. The sky was fill with beautiful sunshine and it was already warm. After breakfast, Luc, Denise and the two kids went for a walk down at the club's amenities; at the playground in the morning and after lunch, to the swimming pool for the afternoon. Everyone enjoyed themselves!
Since it was the young family last night in Florida, they decided to go to out to dinner and ended up on Hollywood Blvd. at "La Vendetta", an Italian Cuisine Restaurant.The food was great and everyone enjoyed their meal. They serve big portions of food in the restaurants, some of them couldn't finish their meal.
Afterwards, the crew headed back on Oasis, so that Denise could pack their luggage while Luc got Alexia and Yanik ready to bed. That night, Pepere and Memere felt bittersweet. They were sadden to see them leave the next morning but then, they were grateful that they had come down for a visit and had spend ten wonderful days together. Jean Guy and Roselind will missed them  dearly!

Early morning, Luc walking with Alexia and Yanik in the stroller to the playground to let the two little kids run and play.
Alexia and Yanik looking around for more tennis balls. Alexia had found one and they wanted one for Yanik too.
Yanik running around the tennis court. He was full of energy and he liked being able to run and play.
Then they each  took turns throwing the tennis ball to Papa.
Yanik climbing and playing on the playset.
He was full of joy.
He kept checking out around him, he did not want to miss a thing.
Playing Peek a Boo with Maman's Sunglasses.
Alexia on the swing set.
Maman pushing Alexia on the swing set.
Yanik kept watching these two boys playing hockey. They were wearing rollerblades.
He wished he could play hockey too! He just loves that sport. He had his eyes fixed on those two boys and he watched them until they left.
Pepere and Memere sitting by the pool, Yanik was hungry! He had been in the water for quite some time and he had burned a lot of energy.
Well, there was no more in the bag, Yanik had taken care of what was left and then Memere gave him pistachios which he devoured in no time, he kept asking for more. He really liked salty food.
Alexia and Maman playing in the pool.
Alexia was challenging Maman to see who was going to float longer. Of course Alexia won! She's a very competitive little girl.
She was floating and making believe she was sleeping.
And Yanik kept close to the food. He ate almost all afternoon.
Jean Guy waiting for the rest of the crew. They were getting ready to go out to dinner on Hollywood Boulevard.
At the club's marina, Jean Guy sitting under the covered deck and searching for a place to eat on his I Pad.
Oasis at her dock at the Loggerhead Club & Marina in Hollywood.
Sunset at the marina.
Under the covered deck at the marina.
Yanik eating bread at the Italian Restaurant. He kept watching the sport channel on the TV that was hung up by the bar.

The rest of the family at the restaurant.

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