Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Titusville FL SM 880 to Melbourne FL SM 919

On this Tuesday morning, Oasis left Titusville at 10:30. It was later than usual for the captain and the first mate to leave for their next destination at that hour but they didn't mind a bit, they had the young family with them and they were full of energy and happy to be onboard. The weather was nice, sunny at 23 degrees C by afternoon with southerly wind from 12 to 15 knots. In the ICW, it's hard to put the sails up even though there is wind, the channel is at times very narrow and not always straight, so Oasis's motor went all day. The first mate sure appreciated Luc being on board, she resigned herself of the navigational duties so she could enjoy spending time and playing with Alexia and Yanik. Besides, they were only there for a short period of time and she had missed them dearly. Finally, the captain docked Oasis at 16:10 at the Melbourne Harbour Marina. The whole crew went downtown for a walk to stretch their legs and do some sightseeing and also, to let the two young grandkids run free for a while so they could release their energy which they seemed to have lots of!  Since it was Valentine Day, they treated themselves to Ice Cream and Chocolates which everyone enjoyed very much!

From Titusville to Melbourne, Oasis had to go through seven bridges, this one being the Max Brewer Bridge.
Birds perched on wood rail of the bridge watching us go by!
It's been a long time since Alexia has been on Oasis. She liked looking at the scenery while navigating the ICW.
Even though Yanik is familiar being on a boat, he was just quiet on his first day of navigating.
While Oasis was heading south, some sailboat were heading north.
Denise happy to be on vacation and Yanik happy to be on Pepere's boat. He kept saying he was going to New York. (He had his second birthday on Oasis while in New York)
Yanik  looking ahead to see where Pepere was going to dock Oasis.
The entrance to the Melbourne Harbour Marina, Oasis went by the Chart House Restaurant on starboard side.
View of the Ichabod's Dockside Restaurant at the marina.
Yanik watching when Oasis was docked.
Alexia was playing inside the boat and wanted to know if we had finally arrived.
And Yanik playing with the binoculars. I wonder what he was looking at?
Luc and Alexia waiting for the rest of the crew to go for a walk and do some sightseeing.
Roselind also waiting for the rest of the crew!
Yanik was playful and happy to be on land.
Oasis at her dock at the Melbourne Harbour Marina.
Finally, the rest of the crew!
Yanik and Alexia riding on a rock.
On the way downtown, at the Holmes Park, one of the many parks in Melbourne.
Alexia sitting on a walrus at the park.
It was nice to have a place for the kids to play.
As you can see, Alexia still had lots of energy.
Jean Guy and Roselind walking downtown Melbourne.

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