Thursday, January 5, 2012

Georgetown, SC SM 405 to Charleston, SC SM 469

The captain and wife left at 7:15 on this Thursday morning for their 65 mile day trip.  With bright sunny skies and only 5 knots of wind, it was a pleasant day.  Again, they had to deal with the temperature, the thermometer being just at 8 degrees C, it was still chilly being on the water. It warm up to 15 degrees C by late afternoon and both crew members appreciated the weather getting warmer. They motored all the way and at 15:30, Oasis was docked at the Charleston City Marina.  After they relaxed a bit, Jean Guy and Roselind  took a shuttle bus downtown to do some sightseeing and ended the evening by having dinner at Hank's Seafood Restaurant to have a southern culinary taste.

Mother Nature welcomed us with a beautiful sunrise.
The Captain is wearing gloves this morning!
Dock for the ferry crossing the ICW.
A fork in the ICW, Oasis turn starboard.
Birds siting on the channel markers.
A heron standing close to the marshland.
Multiple private docks is a common sight in the ICW.
Property right on the ICW.
Ben Sawyer Swing Bridge located at SM 462.
In the ICW, just before entering Charleston Harbour.
Ravenel Fixed Bridge located on starboard when entering Charleston Harbour. This bridge has a horizontal clearance of 1000 feet and a vertical clearance of 186 feet high.
City of Charleston from a distance. They nickname this city the Holy City, as you can see many steeples piercing the skyline and actually Charleston has 180 churches.  
A closer view of the city.
Harbour view House.
Harbourview houses along Lockwood Drive in Charleston.
Arriving at Charleston City Marina.
Oasis docked at the Mega Dock.
On this Mega Dock were also Mega Yachts. This stretch of dock is 1500 feet long.
This dock runs from the Mega Dock to shore and is about 700 feet long.
Can you see the end of the Mega Dock?

Visiting Charleston!

Downtown Charleston.
French Quarter Inn & Shops.
Row of palm trees separating the street.
Every corner you turn, you can see a church steeple.
Doing more sight seeing.
Jean Guy admiring cars in a parking area.
Garage for Horse-drawn carriage.
Hank's Seafood Restaurant where we had dinner with a southern flair.
Gas fire lanterns. We saw quite a few in this city.


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