Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sunbury Marina, GA SM 620 to St. Simons, GA SM 675

When Oasis left Sunbury Marina at 06:50, it was still a bit dark. The captain was eager to leave early. Today was going to be a longer day navigating on the ICW, a good 55 SM to do before arriving to the next port. It took over an hour for Oasis to get back at SM 620, where she had branch off the ICW.
The couple are always captivated by those gorgeous sunrises and today was no different.
The Captain was also trilled to see Oasis jib go up, even only if it was for a half hour. It speeded up the trip a bit.
For the last two days, it seems what are in sight are mostly marshland, trees, large body of water and today was the same and a lot more of it. Once in a while, Oasis would encounter small fishing boats and she came at a cross point with a large shrimp fishing vessel with her outriggers opened and this concerned the captain a bit. No way Oasis could cross that fishing vessel in the narrow channel of the ICW. The captain of the fishing vessel had the courtesy of letting Oasis proceed first before getting in the ICW himself. Jean Guy was relieved of the outcome.
At 15:30, Oasis was docked at the Morningstar Marina at Golden Island Marine, adjacent to St Simons Island. At this marina, they provided the sailors with a courtesy car which allowed the couple to visit around. So Jean Guy and Roselind drove around St Simons Island and also to Brunswick City.

Oasis and the crew were navigating before sunrise.
Finally the sun came out!
The captain and first mate are always appreciative of those beautiful sunrise.
Once in a while along the ICW, there would be a pile of stone by the marshland. The captain thinks it's from drudging in the canal.
Today, Oasis went by a lot of marshland and trees.
Swamps and more swamps!
A flock of birds on a marsh dune.
The captain tying up Oasis dock lines.
Oasis's jib went up for about half an hour. The captain was please to open the sail.
Today Oasis and the crew were at times navigating through large body of water.

This fishing vessel at St Catherines Sounds, an inlet from the the ocean to the ICW.
People working on the ICW markers.
This was the only sailboat Oasis encountered today.

Shrimp fishing vessel coming out of a creek and then towards Oasis.They let Oasis proceed on his route before entering the ICW.
This is one of the only two properties along the ICW, the crew saw today and it was a very nice spot.
White birds perched in a tree. There was more wildlife to be seen today.
A large flock of pelicans on a wood bark dune.
Another view of the marsh. The shrubs had change colour, more like fall colour.
Oasis navigated by these two powerboats, it look like they were doing soundings.
Oasis docked at Morningstar Marina.

The captain happy to be on land to stretch out his legs.
I suppose the captain and first mate would already be at their final destination by now if they had this much power to cruise with.
Four 300 HP motors!

View of the Morningstar Marina. Oasis was docked way down the end at the transient dock.
At St Simons, tides are 6 to 8 feet and here we see that the bottom is mud.

The walkway joining the marina to the  mainland.

Visiting St Simons!
St Simons is the most developed of the four barrier islands of the Golden Isles, with a mix of residence and resorts. On this island, you will find beaches, golf, shopping or can even visit some historic sites.

St Simons Island Pier.

A view of the beach looking west. When the tides are low, you can walk on the sand.
Picture taken from the pier looking east.
St Simons Lighthouse.
On our way to a public beach along the Ocean Boulevard. Houses with a coastal style.

Public Beach, the sand is very powdery.
Even though the skies were cloudy, the captain and first mate really enjoyed walking at the beach.
The following day, the couple took the courtesy car of the marina and drove to the Pier Village and spent the afternoon browsing in the boutiques.
At the Pier, a view of the lighthouse in the background.
Looking west from the pier.

A view of the pier from an angle. The blue canopies are handy when the sun is too hot, but it wasn't today.
At the village pier, Brogen's Restaurant.
Jean Guy taking a break. He is actually sitting on a branch of that huge tree.

Visiting Brunswick!
Brunswick is a historic coastal city with downtown Newcastle Street being lined up with Victorian-era buildings, shops, galleries and restaurant.

First Baptist Church.
Historic House.
This tree sheds it's bark every year.
Tourist Information Centre.
Fishing vessels docked at the wharf. 
Along the Mary Ross Waterfront Park.
View of Brunswick Landing Marina.

Brunswick is an industrial city. In the background, smoke coming from an industrial plant.
Brunswick City Hall.

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