Saturday, January 28, 2012

St Simons, GA SM 675 to Fernandina Beach, FL SM 717

Nice sunny morning! Oasis and the crew left later than usual for today's trip. They left the marina at 08:00 with very light wind and the weather meter was at 6 degrees C. It was chilly in the morning but by afternoon, the temperature had climb up to 18 degrees C. After five hours of motoring, the captain docked Oasis at the Fernandina Harbor Marina at 13:00. During this voyage, the scenery was pretty much the same as the previous days, with the exception of one thing new! A beach! Yes a real sandy beach at Jekyll Island which is south of St Simons and also part of the Golden Isles. Today was also another milestone! Oasis and the crew have gone from the state of Georgia to the state of Florida. The captain was very happy to have cross the line! Coming into Fernandina Beach, the scenery wasn't impressive, all you could see were smoke chimneys of an industrialize area but once the captain and first mate explored this quaint little town, they really enjoyed the place.

Oasis left the marina under clear blue skies.
Sydney Lanier Fixed Bridge. Oasis didn't go under this bridge. To go to Brunswick by water, you would go under this bridge.
This power boat was cruising 20 knots. They had motored from Beaufort to St Simons in one trip, 140 mile in one day. It would have taken Oasis three days to do the same.
Fishing right on the water edge of the ICW.

I guess these pelicans can't read signs!
At Jekyll Island, there is beach and sand on the canal side. People taking an early morning walk.
Hard to see but there were two ladies suntanning on the deck.
Naval Submarine Base, at Kings Bay.
Naval Ships and Coastguard boats were docked in this place. Oasis or any other boats were not allowed to enter the area.
This structure was related to the Naval Submarine Base. It extended in the water quite long. Some kind of dock?
Closer view of the above structure.

Entering the state of Florida at Cumberland Sounds.

Fort Clinch Historic Site.
Tiger Point Marina up Egans Creek on Oasis port side of the ICW.
Entering Fernandina Beach, on Oasis port side are industries.
Container ship port.

Shrimp fishing boats.
Fernandina Harbour Marina.
Pelicans perched on the railing and also around the marina.
Jean Guy relaxing in the sun and enjoying the scenery.
Oasis docked along the boardwalk at Fernandina Harbor Marina.
Gorgeous sunset to share with all of our fellow readers!
Downtown Fernandina!

Fernandina is a small town along the riverfront.
and a National Historic District.
Centre street where historic buildings are concentrated.
A real Saloon! where people drink beer and are very loud!
There were a lot bikers in Fernandina, Either they were enjoying the nice weather or in the vicinities for Daytona's Bike Week from March 9 to 18, 2012 .
The building with the clock is Fernandina's Court House.
Historic House, Lesesne House.
Self explanatory!
Jean Guy resting on the light post.
The building in the back of the fountain is Fernandina US Post Office.
Central Street looking down the Front Street.
 Pretty Roses.
Roselind saw this apron in a boutique and found it very stylish.
Jean Guy really wanted his wife to have her picture taken with this pirate.
Of course, she agreed!

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