Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bohicket Creek, SC SM 495 to Beaufort SC, SM 539

Oasis was on the go by 07:10. Today was one the most beautiful sunrise the captain and wife had encountered so far, since North Myrtle Beach. There were no wind, just calm waters. Oasis motored all the way to Beaufort and was docked at the Downtown Marina at 15:15. Upon arrival, the couple went for a walk downtown along Bay Street and really enjoyed this historic city.

The sun wasn't up when Oasis left Bohicket Marina.
Reflection of private docks in the water.
Finally the sun rose and was spectacular.
The sun's reflection against the houses.
The sky was creepy but then beautiful at the same time.
The skies made the first mate a bit eerie because it was kind of hard at times to see the horizon.
Whooping Island Fixed Bridge at SM 501 in the far distance.
Beautiful view of same bridge under blue sky.
These birds are always perched on piers or docks.
A pelican floating around.
These two birds were perch in a tree. Do not know what type of birds!
We often saw pelicans tailing fishermans boat for food.  
The captain enjoying the scenery of the calm waters. Who is driving the boat?
These birds are always perched on markers too.
We often saw dolphins and today we photograph these two playing around.
Property with private dock.
Is it an alligator? Looks like it, but no. It's the strong current against a buoy.
Lady's Island Swing Bridge at SM 536, just before arriving at Beaufort.
Arriving at Beaufort Downtown Marina.
The captain on the bow of Oasis after she was docked.

Visiting Beaufort!

Beautiful flowers in the park.
Another one!

Along the waterfront is a beautiful park.
Alley from the park to Bay Street.
Another section of the Waterfront park.
A street connecting Bay Street to the harbour walk.
Bay Street, where you'll find a variety of shops and restaurants.
Street corner.
Roselind bought some fresh bread.
Jean Guy in front of a boutique.
Like it says, The Peoples Bank!
This harbourwalk is parallel  to Bay Street and is as long as Bay Street. As you can see the end is far away.
Lady's Island Swing bridge in the far distance. The Downtown Marina is just 3 SM on starboard side past the bridge.
In this beautiful park, there is also an enclosed playground.
Another section of the park.
Downtown Marina.
Oasis at her dock for the night.
Beautiful sunset in Beaufort!

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