Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ross Marine, John's Island, SC SM 475 to Bohicket Creek, SC, SM 495

Oasis left Ross Marine around 8:00 with sun rays against her hull. Today's trip was fairly short. Due to low tides, the captain decided that it was best to stop mid way to Beaufort to gain time for the next day tides. From SM 495 of the ICW, Oasis navigated in the North Edisto River and then up the Bohicket Creek to the Bohicket Marina & Market which is approximately 7 miles up the creek. Today was the warmest since North Myrtle Beach. The weather was about 15 degrees C and the captain and first mate took advantage of the nice weather to stroll around the marina in shorts.

Oasis went under John F. Limehouse Fixed Bridge at SM 480.
This sailboat must have been lost in heavy winds.
Very nice and huge property.
Seagrass along the ICW.
Can you count how many seagulls are lined up?
Old sailboat aground long ago.
Oasis went by this military docking area.
Oil tanker in front of the military vessels.
Multiple peers along the ICW.
Fishing wharf located at the entrance of Bohicket Creek.
This marina charters boats for sport fishing.

This tree is most likely older than the condominiums behind it.

View of the Marina.
Sunset at the Bohicket Marina.

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