Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Captain Jean Guy and First Mate Roselind finally return to greet Oasis

After two months of being away from his sailing vessel, the captain return with his wife to North Myrtle Beach to continue Oasis's Journey. They celebrated New Year's Eve at Barefoot Landing Village. The evening started with fireworks right across the Barefoot Landing Marina around 6:00 pm, and then had dinner at Greg's Norman Restaurant and finished the evening at the Alabama Theatre for a night of live entertainment.

The fireworks at the Barefoot Landing Village were magnificent. They lasted about 20 minutes and were quite spectacular.
At Greg's Norman Restaurant, a fine dining restaurant, we started the evening with a nice bottle of red wine, oysters for appetizers, steak and lobster claws for the entree and chocolate lava cake for dessert. Great Restaurant and Excellent Food!  
Sitting outdoor on the terrace, by a cosy fireplace at Greg's Norman Restaurant.
Roselind at the Alabama Theatre at Barefoot's Landing Village before the live show.
The Gift Shop at the Alabama Theatre had all kind of Christmas decorations.

Jean Guy making noise!
Captain Jean Guy and wife Roselind enjoying the evening!

The couple started the New Year relaxing and for the next few days they stroll along the beach, went sightseeing and visited around the area. They also went for a visit at Beneteau USA in Marion, SC, where Oasis was built. In January, the weather is chilly in Myrtle Beach and the captain was eager to head south, so they left Barefoot Landing Marina to continue  Oasis's Journey.

Arriving at Oasis dock. After over two months of being away from Oasis, the captain was glad to see her again.
Jean Guy, happy to finally be on Oasis.
One thing the couple really enjoyed was taking a stroll on the beach.
A view of North Myrtle Beach looking North.
Jean Guy & Roselind enjoying the moment!
Self explanatory!
These two seagulls were enjoying the beach as much as the captain and first mate.
Roselind, a view of the north beach in the background.
North Myrtle Beach, looking south.
An outdoor decorated tree.
Cherry Grove Fishing Peer in Myrtle Beach.
This was our transportation vehicle for a couple of days. We drove and visited the vicinities of Myrtle Beach and went to Marion SC, an hour away from Myrtle Beach, to visit Beneteau USA.  
Driving down Myrtle Beach.
A view of the ocean underneath a pier.
This picture shows how they decorate for the Holidays in the south.
Picture taken in Myrtle Beach looking north at North Myrtle Beach.
Amusement Park in Myrtle Beach.
Newer Developments in Myrtle Beach.
Another fishing pier at Myrtle Beach.
We woke up to this weather meter on Monday January 3 rd, 2012 and the weather was much warmer than that in Canada that morning.

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