Friday, January 6, 2012

Charleston, SC SM 469 to Ross Marine, Charleston SC, SM 475

The captain left Charleston City Marina around 12:00 to go to Ross Marine. Oasis was due for an inspection of the anodes and it's bottom. No further than 100 yards from the marina, Oasis motor was making noise, so the captain return to the marina to have the engine inspected. It turned out that an oil fitting had broken. The mechanic from the city marina repaired the leak and Oasis was once again on route by 15:00.
At Ross Marine, Oasis was hauled out with a travel lift and once the inspection of the bottom done and the anodes replaced, Oasis was launched in the water where she docked for the night.

Leaving Charleston, Oasis went underneath the James Island Expressway Fixed Bridge at SM 470.
At SM 471, there is another bridge to go through.
The Wappoo Creek Bascule Bridge opened on request.
Oasis heading in the narrow canal.

Property along the Canal surrounded by big trees that looks like living oak trees.
Another property along the ICW. Notice the palm trees have just been transplanted.
Preparing Oasis for the haul out.
Oasis lining up to go in the travel lift.
Oasis being lifted by the travel lift.
Oasis at her resting spot for the inspection.
Time to change the anodes. The captain was satisfied with the outcome of the inspection.
Oasis bottom being pressure wash.
Sunset at Ross Marine, SC.

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