Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thunderbolt Marina, GA SM 583 to Sunbury Marina, GA SM 620

This morning, it was cloudy and those clouds lasted all day. The water stayed calm most of the day, not even a slight breeze. Oasis left Thunderbolt at 07:40 and arrived at Sunbury Crab Company Marina at 13:30, a six hour day trip. It was an interesting morning. At one time, Oasis motored by four dolphins playing in the water and as soon Oasis would get closer, they disappeared instantly, they were camera shy. An hour into her journey, Oasis went by the Isle of Hope, a nice little village at SM 590 on the Skidaway River and for the rest of the day, there were mostly marshland, large body of water and not much civilization along the ICW. At SM 620, Oasis branched off the ICW, up the Medway River ; a nice wide river with plenty of water, and motored about 7 nautical miles up the river to finally dock at Sunbury Marina. We were greeted by very nice people and also those swamp flies. Unfortunately, the marina's family own restaurant was closed that night and the captain and first mate were a bit disappointed, they really were looking foward to eat fresh seafood here. One good thing about this place, they had good Wi-Fi.

On route from Thunderbolt Marina, Oasis passed by the Hinckley Yacht Service Marina on port side. Nice place! The sky was cloudy and the water was calm.
As shown in the picture, the back and fin of the second dolphin, the first one had already plunge under water.
Isle of Hope properties located at SM 590.
Docks along the ICW at Isle of Hope.
Sailing vessels anchored at Isle of Hope.
Driftwoods close to shore, along the ICW.
This white bird was fishing for food in the marsh.
At SM 593, there was construction of a new bridge to replace the bascule bridge. The powerboat in front of us named : Sugar Bear.
The Skidaway Narrows Double Bascule Bridge at SM 593. It only opened on the hour from 07: 00 to 09:00 and Oasis was 15 minutes early, so she just waited until it opened at 09:00.
A pelican planing on the water. It"s amazing how they can skim across the surface of the water and keep their wings motionless.
Sand bars along the marshland.  
How did this boat ended up there?  Nice reflection!
Coming at the Sunbury Crab Company Marina where Oasis docked for the night.
View of the marina 's main dock.

Sunbury Crab Company Restaurant. This place is known for it's more relaxed, laid-back atmosphere.
Blue crab are caught daily, Wild Georgia shrimps and local oysters are also on their menu. There were good reviews about this place.

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