Monday, January 9, 2012

Beaufort, SC SM 530 to Savannah, GA SM 576

Another gorgeous morning! The captain and first mate left Beaufort at 07:20 with calm waters and a beautiful sunrise. During the day, cloudy with sunny periods and the temperature climb up to 18 degrees C.
Today the scenery up the ICW was a bit different, less marshland, more civilization. After SM 576, Oasis branch off the ICW up the Savannah River at SM 14 where the Captain docked Oasis at the Westin Savannah Harbour Resort at 14:00. Oasis and the crew went through another milestone today. They are now in the state of Georgia...  After exploring the surroundings of this golf and spa resort, the captain contacted his second generation cousin on his fathers side, which they met the following day. The couple spent a couple of days sightseeing Historic Savannah and then went home in NB for a week. Upon their return, the French Chef Roger Michel from the Westin Resort was eager to meet the canadian couple. So later in the afternoon, they met and chatted with him over appetizers and red wine. Later that night, the captain and first mate had dinner at the Aqua Star Restaurant of the Westin Resort and what a treat! This was one of the best restaurant Jean Guy and Roselind had dinner since at the Greg's Norman Restaurant in North Myrtle Beach. We really recommend this place, excellent food!!!

Although it was cloudy, the sun burst with fire on the horizon,
and also over the trees...
Ladys Island Bridge at SM 536. Notice the reflection of the bridge in the water. Really pretty!!!
Motoring through calm waters.
The pelicans always in search for food.
Hilton Head has a lot of marinas and this one is a Harbour  RV Resort & Marina. The Yellow powerboat is of the Sea Tow Fleet, the guy's who comes to pull us out of the mud when we get stuck.
Beaufort River Fixed Bridge at SM 540. Also, adjacent, on each side of the bridge, overhead power cable suspended by four electrical towers.
Property with private dock. Nice place! Nice roof detail.
This pier was different from others, we found it charming!
We often saw dead tree, driftwoods and tree trunks on the ICW.
Pelican resting!...... and streaking the marker.
At SM 576 where Oasis left the ICW up the Savannah River, reservoirs on port side. 
Pulp and Paper Mill on port side up the Savannah River.
Savannah is an industrial port. There were some oil tankers, cargo ships, tugboats and containerships in the Savannah River.
Coming into Savannah!
Water shuttle. A way of transportation from one side of the river to the other.
Waterfront Historic Savannah!
The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa on starboard side coming in Savannah.
The Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge. Past the bridge is a container port, the fourth busiest in the nation and the second on the East Coast. New York being the first .

Oasis docked at the Westin Savannah Harbour Resort.
Oasis at his dock! The trawler protected Oasis from the wind and especially from the wakes of the river traffic.

Visiting Savannah!

Waterfront view of the Westin  Harbor Resort.
Tugboats, freighters and containerships constantly patrol the Savannah River.
Roselind waiting for the water taxi. Westin Resort in the back.
Our way of transportation from one side of the river to the other.
Roselind in the water shuttle going to the City Waterfront.
Riverboat Cruises Boats.
Going to the Historic District by water taxi.
This ferry was actually the water taxi!
Ferry Terminal in front of River Street, Savannah.
Waterfront Savannah, the River Street where are shops, restaurants, bars and etc...    
The monument of the African Family.
The script of the monument.
The First Union Bank Building on 2 East Bryan Street. Tallest building in Savannah, 225 feet high, 15 floors above ground and was built in 1911.

Savannah's City Hall built in 1901.
We've seen this type of tree a couple of times. The leaves have fallen but what is so particular about this tree is that the bark sheds through out the year and gives it a smooth finish. It's called "Crepe Myrtle"
Captain Jean Guy at the wheelhouse at the Ships of the Sea Museum.
History of Titanic.
Replica of the Titanic.
Back of one of the River Street building. Notice the pavement!
Same spot facing east. Notice the old stone of the retaining wall and pavement.  
River Street is paved with centuries-old cobblestone once used as ballast in ships that sailed to the port.
The city of Savannah is actually 20 feet above River Street.  As you can see, you have to climb steps to go to the main level of the next street which is Bay Street.
View of Savannah River from River Street.

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